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 Modifing Mario's Moves

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PostSubject: Modifing Mario's Moves   Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:20 pm

To edit Mario's moves you first need your rom and a hex editor. (in case you don't know a hex editor can be downloaded here) :
Cygnus Hex editor

Edit > Goto > then dot in hexadecimal > F1C62 > OK

FE 74 (Mario Triple Front Flip)
FE 88 (Mario BackFlip)
FD D4 (Mario Side Flip)
F8 10 ( Mario Splash Jump out of Water)
FF 64 (After Mario's Sparkle Front Flip)
FF DC (After Mario's Sparkle Back Flip)
FE 9C (Long Jump)
FD 84 (Mario's 2nd attempt jump)
FD 70 (Mario's 1st attempt jump)
FD E8 (Mario Wall kick Jump)

Reminder to find these bytes above , click edit > find and the byte
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Modifing Mario's Moves
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